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OpenAI Is Readying a Search Product to Rival Google, Perplexity 👀

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  • 🤖 Discover Top Trending AI Tools of the week
  • 🤝 Explore the top 3 AI Tools for Logo Generation
  • 💫 Google unveils next generation of drug discovery AI model
  • 🤯 Microsoft working on an in-house AI model MAI-1
  • ✨ Create amazing website using WebflowGPT

🤖 Top 5 trending AI tools of the week

💥 Clipchamp: Transform videos effortlessly with AI, across devices, no expertise needed

🦜 Chat Data: Enhance customer interactions on websites with AI chatbots that utilize existing knowledge files for responsive and informed communication, including HIPAA-compliant medical solutions

📈 Revolutionize productivity with 1-Click AI: Chat, summarize, translate, and visualize effortlessly

📽️ Video Shorts: Transform YouTube content into engaging, shareable clips effortlessly with AI-powered editing

📝 Notevibes: Transform text into natural voiceovers with emotion control and language variety

🤝 Three cutting edge AI Tools for Logo Generation

AI tools streamline logo design by quickly generating unique logos that resonate with target audiences, enhancing brand recognition and growth. These tools use machine learning to analyze current design trends and consumer preferences, offering unique logos that resonate with target audiences.

1. MakeLogo AI

It is an AI-driven logo design platform that generates unique logos quickly and affordably. Users input project details and receive multiple logo concepts within minutes. The platform features a LOGO EDITOR for customization, allowing changes in colors, text, and fonts.

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2. Looka

It is an AI-powered tool that helps create custom logos and build a cohesive brand identity without design skills. It offers numerous customizable logo options, a comprehensive Brand Kit for consistent branding, and over 300 industry-specific templates. The easy-to-use editor allows for quick customization of marketing materials.

💻 Check out Looka now ➡️ Looka

3. Logopony

It is a fantastic logo generator powered by AI, enabling users to effortlessly produce stunning and timeless logo designs for their brands. Through the use of AI, Logopony's logo generation algorithms are trained to create enduring logos that maintain their appeal and style over time.

💻Check out Logopony now ➡️ Logopony

😎 Cool AI Image of the week

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📰 Trendiest AI news of the week

1.  OpenAI Is Readying a Search Product to Rival Google, Perplexity 

                    • Web Search Integration: OpenAI is developing a feature for ChatGPT that allows it to search the web and integrate real-time data into its responses, complete with citations to sources like Wikipedia entries and blog posts, enhancing its functionality as a search tool
                    • Multimedia Support: The new feature could include multimedia elements, such as images or diagrams, to accompany textual answers, providing a more comprehensive and helpful response to queries like how-to guides
                    • Competitive Development: As part of a strategic move to compete with major players like Google and AI startup Perplexity, OpenAI is preparing to announce this advanced search capability, potentially aligning the announcement with major tech events to maximize impact


                    2. Google DeepMind unveils next generation of drug discovery AI model

                                      • Advanced Molecular Predictions: AlphaFold 3, developed by Google DeepMind, represents a major advance in AI's ability to predict the behavior of molecules, including proteins and human DNA. This capability is crucial for accelerating drug discovery and targeting diseases more effectively
                                      • Enhanced Research Tools: The introduction of the AlphaFold server provides researchers with a free online tool to test hypotheses and run simulations before conducting real-world experiments, simplifying the process and requiring minimal computing knowledge
                                      • Impact on Drug Discovery: By predicting how molecules will interact and bind with proteins, AlphaFold 3 can significantly reduce the time and resources needed to develop new treatments, addressing a major bottleneck in the biotechnology field


                                      3. Microsoft working on an in-house AI model MAI-1, CTO says not competing with OpenAI

                                                      • Development of MAI-1: Microsoft is reportedly developing an in-house Large Language Model named MAI-1, which is said to be competitive with leading models like OpenAI's GPT-4. This marks a significant shift as Microsoft begins to develop its own AI capabilities in addition to leveraging partnerships, such as with OpenAI
                                                      • Scale and Capabilities: MAI-1 is described as a substantially larger model than Microsoft's previous endeavors, with around 500 billion parameters. This scale suggests a high level of complexity and capability, requiring extensive computational power and resources for training
                                                      • Strategic Clarification by Microsoft: Despite rumors of competing directly with other tech giants, Microsoft CTO Kevin Scott emphasized the company's ongoing strategy of building powerful supercomputers for AI training in collaboration with OpenAI. This approach aims to continue advancing the state of AI through shared developments and applications


                                                      Three ChatGPT Prompts To Create Effective Lead Magnets 🧲

                                                      ✨ Custom Sales Funnel Design

                                                      Write a witty product description in a conversational tone that clearly explains key features and benefits of [PRODUCT].

                                                      ✨ Generate Landing Page Headlines

                                                      Write 5 persuasive headlines for [web page URL]. Act as a senior copywriter. You are an expert in conversion copywriting. Each headline should be up to 20 words and clearly convey the main benefit of [company or product name].

                                                      ✨ Personalizing Cold Outreach

                                                      Write a friendly introduction to PROSPECT. In the body, include 3 ways PRODUCT can help with PROSPECT’s exact pain points, derived from the PROSPECT’s LinkedIn bio, pasted below: PROSPECT: [Paste the prospect’s LinkedIn profile] PRODUCT: [Write a detailed description of your product].

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                                                      💫 GPT of the week

                                                      ✨ Create amazing website using WebflowGPT

                                                      1. Webflow Guidance: This GPT serves as an expert resource for users seeking advice on utilizing Webflow, a web development platform, to create and enhance websites.
                                                      2. Technical Support and Explanation: It provides specific guidance on Webflow functionalities such as adding animations, understanding flexbox, and best practices for structuring projects.
                                                      3. Interactive Assistance: The GPT offers interactive help, potentially with features like an "Embed mode" to directly assist users in implementing solutions within their Webflow projects.

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