Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang unveiled a new era of AI computing at GTC 2024, showcasing the powerful B200 "Blackwell" chip and a suite of software tools designed to solidify Nvidia's dominance in the AI industry.
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Nvidia unveils flagship AI chip, the B200, aiming to extend dominance 🫂

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  • 🔥Apple & Google: Gemini Features Coming to iPhones?
  • 🤩 ChatGPT gets a body with ‘Figure 01’
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🤖 Top 5 trending AI tools of the week

🗝️Display Gate Guard: AI-powered safeguard for digital display content security and management

🔥WebWave: It is a cutting-edge website design tool that empowers users to craft custom websites without the need for coding knowledge

💫Katalist: Revolutionize storytelling with AI-driven storyboarding and consistent character visualization

📝Notevibes: Transform text into natural voiceovers with emotion control and language variety

Vetted: Discover top-rated products effortlessly with AI-powered recommendations, price tracking, and trusted reviews

🤩Three cutting edge AI Tools for Personal Assistant

AI-powered personal assistants are revolutionizing the way we manage our daily lives. By integrating sophisticated algorithms and natural language processing capabilities, these tools understand and execute a wide range of tasks, from scheduling meetings and setting reminders to providing real-time information and managing emails.

1. goHeather

Revolutionize your HR and contract management with goHeather: an AI-driven platform offering real-time contract analysis and automated creation of legally sound HR documents. Trained by legal experts to navigate global common-law contracts, it's secure, user-friendly, and designed to streamline processes and reduce liability.

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2. Sibyl AI

Sibyl AI introduces the future of spiritual guidance, merging AI with metaphysical knowledge to support diverse spiritual journeys. It offers personalized insights through chat and speech interactions in 99 languages, ensuring accessibility worldwide. Experience spiritual exploration redefined with Sibyl AI's freemium plan, tailored guidance, and immersive chat visualization.

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3. TalkNotes

Talknotes revolutionizes content creation by converting voice memos into structured, editable text across a variety of formats, from transcripts to blogs. With its AI-driven technology, users can effortlessly record ideas, select styles, and customize content, making it ideal for brainstorming, personal journaling, and more.

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📰 Trendiest AI news of the week

1.  Nvidia unveils flagship AI chip, the B200, aiming to extend dominance

  • Nvidia Unveils Revolutionary B200 "Blackwell" Chip: At GTC 2024, CEO Jensen Huang introduced the B200 "Blackwell" chip, a game-changer in AI computing that is 30 times faster at certain tasks than its predecessor, marking a significant leap in Nvidia's AI chip technology
  • Comprehensive Software Tools and Expansions: Alongside the chip, Nvidia launched new software tools aimed at simplifying the development and deployment of AI models for Nvidia's technology users, including major tech firms. The company also showcased advancements in software for 3-D modeling and announced collaborations with design software companies, as well as new chips for automotive use and humanoid robots
  • Strategic Shifts and Market Dominance: Nvidia is moving from selling individual chips to complete systems, demonstrating its continued leadership in the graphics processing and AI sectors despite potential challenges from competitors and custom chip developments by large customers. With the B200 chip expected to be adopted by major cloud-computing services and for AI offerings, Nvidia aims to maintain its significant market share and influence in the evolving AI landscape


2. Apple in talks with Google to bring Gemini-powered features to iPhones

  • Strategic Collaboration on AI Features: Apple is reportedly in discussions with Google to integrate Gemini-powered AI features into iPhones, potentially including image generation and writing assistance in iOS 18, marking a significant partnership that could enhance the AI capabilities of Apple devices
  • In-House AI Developments and Third-Party Partnerships: While Apple is exploring its own large language model and new AI functionalities for future iOS updates, the company is considering licensing technology from Google and possibly incorporating OpenAI's GPT models, indicating a blend of in-house and external AI advancements
  • Google's Potential Gain from Apple Partnership: If Google secures a deal with Apple to bring Gemini features to the iPhone, it could provide a significant boost to Gemini's position in the AI market, especially after facing recent challenges and controversies over its image and content generation accuracy


3. ChatGPT gets a body: ‘Figure 01’ can perform household chores at command

  • Humanoid Robot Figure 01 Demonstrates Advanced AI: The startup Figure has developed a humanoid robot, Figure 01, showcasing impressive capabilities in a new demo, including visual recognition, physical interaction with its environment (such as handing over an apple), and multitasking by combining actions with conversation, powered by OpenAI’s language model
  • Seamless Integration of AI and Motor Skills: Unlike previous demonstrations focusing solely on motor skills, Figure 01 now integrates OpenAI’s language model for contextual understanding and decision-making, enabling it to perform tasks and communicate with a human-like demeanor, without revealing the specifics of its programming or the extent of pre-programming involved
  • Support and Potential of Figure 01: Backed by substantial investment from notable entities like Jeff Bezos, Amazon, Microsoft, and Nvidia, Figure's humanoid robot aims to take over repetitive tasks, potentially transforming workplaces and homes. This demonstration marks a significant step towards realizing the vision of robots as general-purpose assistants, though its full capabilities and impact are yet to be fully assessed


💡 Quick Tutorial

Generate 3D photos of Holi using Bing AI image creator for FREE 

This year, make your Holi colorful by sharing 3D Holi-themed images generated by Microsoft's Bing AI 💦


  1. Access Bing AI Image Creator: pen Bing AI Image Creator on your device. It's accessible on smartphones (Android and iOS), desktops, and PCs running on the latest build of Windows 11. For an enhanced experience, ensure you're using the latest version of your web browser
  2. Craft Your Prompt: Choose the “creative” conversation style on Copilot, which you can find at bing.com/chat. This setting is ideal for generating more imaginative and vibrant images. Type in a prompt for the type of Holi-themed image you want. For instance, you could start with "A joyful 3D image of a group of friends celebrating Holi, with water guns spraying coloured water and laughter filling the air." Be as descriptive as possible to get the best results
  3. Refine Your Image: Once your initial image is generated, you can refine it by using additional prompts based on your preferences. If the image isn't as vibrant or detailed as you'd like, use prompts such as “make them more colourful and vibrant,” “make them detailed,” or “make them look photo-realistic.” Bing AI Image Creator also allows you to choose between landscape and portrait modes, giving you flexibility depending on how you plan to use the image

Happy Holi Everyone 🤩

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💫 GPT of the week

Elevate your business growth with Entrepreneur Mentor GPT 🪙

  1. Business Advisor: GPT can act as a mentor for entrepreneurs by providing guidance and insights on refining business plans. It can offer tailored advice on how to structure, develop, and improve business strategies for better outcomes.
  2. Marketing Consultant: It can suggest effective marketing strategies, helping entrepreneurs identify suitable marketing approaches, tools, and techniques to enhance their brand visibility and reach their target audience more effectively.
  3. Team Management Coach: GPT can offer suggestions on motivating and managing a team, providing ideas on leadership, team-building activities, and motivational strategies to foster a positive and productive work environment.

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