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Apple Stuns the World with a Surge of Groundbreaking AI Announcements at WWDC24 πŸ”₯

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  • πŸ€– Discover Top Trending AI Tools of the week
  • 😁 Explore the top 3 AI Tools for Social media growth
  • 🫣 Luma AI unveils Dream Machine - FREE text-to-video model
  • πŸ₯΅ Google’s NotebookLM now powered by Gemini 1.5 Pro
  • ✨ Find a sporting event using Find A Show GPT

πŸ€– Top 5 trending AI tools of the week

πŸ’₯ AI Music Generator: Create unique AI songs for free. Effortlessly craft customized music tracks

πŸ˜‡ Zebracat: Transform text to engaging videos with AI in minutes. Democratizing the future of video production

πŸ’₯ EditAI: Revolutionize content creation with AI-driven editing and real-time feedback

🫑 No Code Scrapper: The easiest way to extract and monitor data from any website without any coding knowledge

πŸ“ Trag: Review your pull request in minutes, not days using this AI tool. It pre-reviews the code, identifies issues that need to be addressed

😁 Three cutting edge AI Tools for Social Media Growth

AI tools can significantly boost social media growth by automating content creation, analyzing audience behavior, and optimizing posting schedules. These tools provide insights into trending topics, generate personalized content, and enhance engagement through targeted ads and recommendations, ultimately leading to increased reach and follower growth.

1. CrestGPT

It is an AI-driven tool designed to alleviate writer's block by generating engaging social media content and impactful headlines, enhancing online presence and productivity for individuals and businesses

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2. Metrotechs

It is an AI-powered internet marketing platform offering a suite of services like domain registration and hosting, along with AI-driven templates and tools to boost online presence, streamline asset management, and generate engaging content for businesses.

πŸ’» Check out Metrotechs now ➑️ Metrotechs

3. Brandbird

PhotoPacks.AI provides AI-curated high-quality photo collections, saving time in organizing and customizing images for various projects. It's user-friendly and cost-effective, enhancing productivity for diverse applications.

πŸ’»Check out Brandbird now ➑️ Brandbird

😎 Cool AI Image of the week

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πŸ“° Trendiest AI news of the week

1.  Apple Stuns the World with a Surge of Groundbreaking AI Announcements at WWDC24

  • Calculator App with Math Notes: iPadOS 18 introduces a Calculator app with Math Notes, allowing users to perform calculations directly with the Apple Pencil, enhancing functionality for iPad users
  • Apple Intelligence and Notes Improvements: Siri is upgraded to Apple Intelligence, leveraging ChatGPT-like technology for smarter searches, while the Notes app features Smart Script to improve handwriting recognition
  • Software Rollout and Compatibility: The update, compatible with select iPad models including those with M1 chips and newer, brings major app enhancements and is set for a public beta in July, with a full release expected by fall 2024

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2. Luma AI unveils Dream Machine, a free text-to-video model to rival Sora

  • Launch of Dream Machine: Luma AI introduces Dream Machine, a public text-to-video AI model that generates realistic videos from text prompts at 120fps
  • Advanced Features: Dream Machine produces dynamic videos with smooth cinematography and understands complex interactions, aiming to be a universal imagination engine
  • User Experience and Limitations: Despite being free and advanced, Dream Machine has limitations in morphing and movement, with user feedback indicating issues with prompt accuracy


3. Google’s NotebookLM now powered by Gemini 1.5 Pro

  • Advanced Integration: NotebookLM, upgraded with Gemini 1.5 Pro, now integrates with Google Slides and web URLs for enhanced note-taking
  • Accurate Citations: Offers precise inline citations and supports analysis from multimodal sources, ensuring information accuracy
  • Robust Privacy: Adheres to strict data protection standards, does not train on user data, ensuring privacy and security of documents


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πŸ’« GPT of the week

✨ Find a sporting event using Find A Show GPT

  • Event and Show Locator: This GPT assists users in finding specific shows, sporting events, or series on streaming platforms or channels
  • Platform Availability Queries: It answers inquiries about where to stream particular content and whether events or shows are available on specific platforms
  • Subscription Information: The GPT provides information on whether content can be watched without a subscription, helping users manage their viewing options based on accessibility

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