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Stability AI Launches Royalty-Free Sound & Song Generator πŸ”Š

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  • πŸ€– Discover Top Trending AI Tools of the week
  • 😁 Explore the top 3 AI Tools for Life Assistance
  • πŸ’« OpenAI Introduces ChatGPT Edu for Responsible AI
  • πŸ€‘ OpenAI brings Custom GPTs to FREE ChatGPT users
  • ✨ Check out GPT of the week Florabot GPT

πŸ€– Top 5 trending AI tools of the week

πŸ’₯ Tomsplanner: It revolutionizes project management with AI, enabling rapid generation of detailed, customizable Gantt charts and project plans from brief descriptions

🦜 Chat Data: Enhance customer interactions on websites with AI chatbots that utilize existing knowledge files for responsive and informed communication, including HIPAA-compliant medical solutions

πŸ’₯ Spellcopy: It streamlines marketing by generating engaging content for social media, emails, boosting audience connection

πŸ˜… Dream GF: AI-driven virtual girlfriend generator with customizable appearance, interests, and interactions

πŸ“ Notevibes: Transform text into natural voiceovers with emotion control and language variety

😁 Three cutting edge AI Tools for Life Assistant

AI tools can revolutionize personal assistance by efficiently managing daily tasks, scheduling, and reminders. They streamline communication, automate routine activities, and provide smart recommendations, making life more organized and stress-free.

1. Watchnow AI

This AI tool enhances your viewing experience by using AI to provide personalized movie and show recommendations based on your past favorites, making it easier to discover new and relevant content.

πŸ’» Check out Watchnow AI now ➑️ Watchnow

2. ChefGPT

ChefGPT acts as your AI-powered personal chef, offering customized recipe recommendations, meal plans, and drink pairings tailored to your dietary needs and available ingredients, enhancing your cooking experience

πŸ’» Check out ChefGPT now ➑️ ChefGPT

3. Productbot

It is an AI-powered shopping assistant that offers personalized product recommendations and detailed product information, making it easier for users to find the perfect gifts and make informed purchasing decisions.

πŸ’»Check out Productbot now ➑️ Productbot

😎 Cool AI Image of the week

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πŸ“° Trendiest AI news of the week

1.  Stability AI Launches Royalty-Free Sound & Song Generator

  • Sound Generation Model: Stability AI introduces Stable Audio Open, a model that generates brief sound recordings like drum beats and ambient noises based on text inputs, using data from royalty-free sources
  • Customization and Usage Limits: The model allows user-driven customization but is limited in creating complete songs and restricted for non-commercial use
  • Ethical Focus: Trained on royalty-free samples to avoid copyright issues, Stable Audio Open reflects Stability AI's commitment to ethical AI development, amid broader industry concerns over copyright in AI-generated content


2. OpenAI brings Custom GPTs, memory, vision and more to free ChatGPT users

  • Expanded Access for Free Users: OpenAI now enables free ChatGPT users to utilize custom GPTs and new GPT-4o features, including image analysis and file uploads
  • Enhanced Multimodal Capabilities: GPT-4o improves on speed and expands capabilities in text, vision, and audio, and introduces voice emotion recognition and multilingual support
  • Capacity and Safety Improvements: Free users have access to new features, but with usage limits, while paid subscribers get significantly higher capacities. GPT-4o emphasizes enhanced safety with filtered training data and refined model behavior


3. OpenAI unveils ChatGPT Edu to bring AI responsibly to university campuses

  • Targeted for Education: ChatGPG Edu, launched by OpenAI for universities, incorporates advanced capabilities like text analysis and custom GPT creation, specifically tailored for academic environments.
  • Enhanced Security and Privacy: The model offers robust security features, supports multiple languages, and guarantees that educational data will not be used for model training.
  • Practical Academic Use: Used widely in universities for tasks like personalized teaching and research analysis, ChatGPT Edu enhances academic productivity and learning experience


Meta AI: Here are top 5 prompts that you should try πŸ™Œ


Imagine you're a surrealist artist creating a dreamscape that represents the concept of 'time.' Generate an image that incorporates elements from different eras and explores the fluidity and distortion of time in a surreal, thought-provoking way.


Imagine you're an AI artist commissioned to create a piece that represents the concept of 'synesthesia,' a condition where one sense is perceived as another. Generate an abstract image that visually captures the idea of 'tasting colors' or 'hearing shapes.


Create an image of a cosmic landscape featuring a planet unlike any found in our solar system. Generate a world with unique geological features, atmospheric phenomena, and alien life forms that push the boundaries of our imagination.

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πŸ’« GPT of the week

✨ Friendly plant ID expert with a touch of humor Florabot GPT

  • Plant Identification: This GPT can analyze photos of plants and identify them, providing users with the specific name and details of the plant shown
  • Care Guidance: It offers detailed care instructions for identified plants, including watering, sunlight, and soil preferences
  • Habitat Information: The GPT provides information on the natural habitat and environmental needs of plants, helping users understand how to best maintain them in similar conditions

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