OpenAI prepares to unveil its GPT Store marketplace allowing users to distribute and profit from customised chatbots.
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OpenAI’s ChatGPT store for specialised AI agents to launch next week

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🤖 Top 5 trending AI tools of the week.

🫂AI Headshot Generator: It is an AI tool that enables users to produce professional, AI-generated headshots from their own selfies

📜Stream Slides: Convert Youtube videos to slides using this AI tool

🎶Hydra: Generate Unique, Copyright-Clear Music Instantly using this AI tool

😁Edit By: It is a tool powered by artificial intelligence that assists Twitter users in expanding their audience

🚀Notey AI: It is a tool powered by artificial intelligence that assists businesses in quickly generating high-quality and unique content

🏗️Three cutting edge AI Tools for Project Management

In the dynamic landscape of project management, harnessing the power of AI tools has become indispensable. These innovative solutions bring efficiency to every stage, from planning to execution. With intelligent automation, tasks are streamlined, allowing teams to focus on strategic decision-making and problem-solving. Real-time analytics provided by AI tools empower project managers with insights, enabling them to make informed decisions promptly. Collaboration reaches new heights as AI enhances communication and coordination among team members. In essence, integrating AI tools into project management not only optimizes processes but also paves the way for unprecedented productivity and success.

1. Lutra AI

Your Key to Effortless AI in Project Management! No-code workflows, pre-built automations, and seamless app integration. Enhance project efficiency effortlessly.

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2. Strut

A collaborative workspace integrating AI for seamless project management. Enjoy drag & drop organization, real-time collaboration, and AI-powered commands for tasks like brainstorming, content review, and brand voice synchronization.

💻 Check out Strut now ➡️ Strut

3. Tulsk

Unleash the power of AI in project management with's innovative features. From AI-powered task generation to modular AI agents and customizable templates, it redefines collaboration and efficiency. Whether you need real-time assistance, automation, or personalized workspaces, is the game-changer your team needs. Explore the future of project management.

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📰 Trendiest AI news of the week

1.  OpenAI’s ChatGPT store for specialised AI agents to launch next week 😁

  • Democratizing AI Access: OpenAI's GPT Store transforms AI accessibility, enabling users to create, share, and profit from custom AI agents. Mirroring app store models, it promises a new era of collaborative AI innovation
  • Anticipated Launch Journey: The GPT Store's launch, anticipated since the OpenAI Developer’s Conference, faced delays due to leadership changes. CEO Sam Altman's temporary departure added to the eventful journey, heightening community anticipation
  • Monetization Prospects: The GPT Store hints at future monetization, allowing creators to earn from custom GPT usage. While details on compensation structures are pending, this feature adds an exciting dimension, shaping a promising future for AI collaboration


2. AI to dominate this year’s CES, even without OpenAI’s Altman on hand

  • AI Takes Center Stage at CES 2024: Despite OpenAI CEO Sam Altman's absence, the influence of generative AI in gadgets is set to dominate CES 2024. Companies unveil applications in safety, facial recognition, and autonomous cars, mirroring Apple's impact without Steve Jobs physically present
  • OpenAI's Pervasive Influence: Sam Altman's pivotal role in the AI industry is showcased at CES, reminiscent of Steve Jobs' impact on Apple. OpenAI's tumultuous events, including Altman's temporary ousting, haven't diminished its clout. The company's collaboration with Jony Ive on a secret AI hardware project further solidifies its influence
  • Auto Industry's AI Pivot: Automakers at CES focus on AI for a "hyper-personalized" driving experience, shifting from autonomous technology. Companies like Cerence and Cipia unveil AI-powered virtual assistants and driver monitoring systems. The industry aims for differentiated customer experiences and cost savings through AI integration in production processes


3. No computer science degree needed to work in tech soon: IBM AI chief 

  • AI's Impact on Tech Skills: IBM's Matthew Candy foresees a shift, stating AI will reduce the need for traditional computer science degrees. Soft skills like creativity will be crucial, accelerating idea generation and product creation without extensive coding
  • Creative Democratization with AI: Candy predicts AI will extend to the arts, allowing non-experts to take on design roles. AI image-generation will democratize creativity, making graphic design accessible without formal qualifications
  • Job Concerns Amid AI: While tech embraces AI, a Hero Vired report shows 82% of professionals fear redundancy. IBM considers freezing hiring for roles AI can handle, reflecting broader concerns as AI replaces back-office positions

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