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Sora pushes Hollywood moguls to put the $800 million studio expansion on hold 🀯

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  • πŸ€– Discover Top Trending AI Tools of the week
  • 🌐 Explore the Pinnacle of AI Tools for Email Assistant
  • 😳 Google explains what went wrong with Gemini's image-generation capabilities
  • πŸš€ Apple to disclose AI plans later this year
  • 🀨Uncover your next gaming obsession with Game Guru GPT

πŸ€– Top 5 trending AI tools of the week

πŸ‘Flike: AI Sales Co-Pilot for Cold Outbound, Follow-Ups, and Replies. Leverage your previous conversations, CRM activity, and prospect intentions to craft a highly personalized email in one click

πŸ˜‡Business Portrait AI: It offers a seamless solution for generating professional business portrait photos using cutting-edge AI technology

🌐Humanlinker: Boost engagement, personalize interactions, and convert prospects effortlessly

πŸ’₯SnapCraft: It stands as an AI-powered virtual photo studio, heralding a revolution in product photo creation with a solution that is 10 times faster

✍️Smodin: Enhance your writing with Smodin's multi-lingual writing assistance platform

🌐 Three cutting edge AI Tools for Sales

AI tools can significantly enhance email assistant capabilities, streamlining the management of inboxes with high efficiency and precision. By leveraging natural language processing and machine learning, AI can automate the sorting and prioritization of emails, ensuring that important messages are flagged for immediate attention. Furthermore, AI-driven assistants can draft responses based on the context and content of the incoming messages, reducing response times and maintaining consistency in communication. 

1. Alm Reply

AImReply represents an advanced AI-powered tool meticulously crafted to transform email productivity. By harnessing artificial intelligence, AImReply simplifies email management by delivering customized responses in a fraction of the time it would take using traditional methods.

πŸ’» Check out Alm Reply now ➑️ Alm Reply

2. Writepaw

Writepaw is an AI writing tool tailored for various content creation requirements, offering unique content prompts, SEO-optimized product descriptions, custom and pre-built templates for newsletters, emails, and marketing content.

πŸ’» Check out Writepaw now ➑️ Writepaw

3. Pipl AI is an automation tool designed to refine outbound business communication through cold emails. It features unlimited inbox management, built-in email validation, and an AI-powered content generator for sequences and templates.

πŸ’»Check out Pipl AI now ➑️ Pipl AI

😎 Cool AI Image of the week

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πŸ“° Trendiest AI news of the week

1.  Sora pushes Hollywood mogul to put $800 mn studio expansion on hold

  • Impact of Sora on the Film Industry: OpenAI's new AI model, Sora, has demonstrated the ability to create HD videos from textual prompts, leading prominent figures like Tyler Perry to reconsider major investments in the film industry due to its advanced cinematic capabilities
  • Future of Filmmaking with AI: Despite concerns, experts believe that AI technologies like Sora, which currently can't create full-length feature films, will not replace traditional filmmaking. Instead, they are seen as tools that could enhance the industry by bringing in innovative talents and new possibilities
  • The Unique Value of Human Creativity: The article emphasizes that film production is a collaborative effort requiring emotional experiences and individual anecdotes, aspects that AI models like Sora cannot replicate at this stage. Thus, human creativity remains central to filmmaking, suggesting that AI may change certain aspects of production but will not replace the essence of the craft


2. Apple will β€˜break new ground’ in Generative AI this year

  • Apple's Investment in Generative AI: Apple's CEO, Tim Cook, announced at the company's annual shareholder meeting that Apple is heavily investing in generative artificial intelligence (GenAI), highlighting its potential to transform productivity and problem-solving for users
  • Strategic Shift and Competitiveness: Amidst pressures to compete with big tech giants like Microsoft and Google, Cook revealed Apple's plans to introduce groundbreaking generative AI initiatives later in the year, signaling a strategic shift following the shelving of its electric car project, "Project Titan."
  • Upcoming AI Enhancements in Apple Products: Apple is rumored to be planning significant upgrades to Siri, Spotlight, and other services with GenAI models, aiming to introduce AI-powered features across its product line, including automatic generation of presentation slides, playlists, and coding suggestions, with expectations for these advancements to be detailed at Apple's Worldwide Developer Conference


3. Google explains what went wrong with Gemini's image-generation capabilities

  • Gemini's Image Generation Challenges: Google's Gemini, an AI image generation tool, faced issues generating accurate and appropriate images from text prompts, leading to the creation of offensive or irrelevant images. This prompted Google to pause the feature for further adjustments and testing
  • Underlying Causes of Failures: The problems with Gemini stemmed from two main issues: the AI's overly cautious approach leading it to ignore specific parts of prompts, particularly those related to race, and its failure to balance diversity without excluding requested characteristics, resulting in outputs like "diverse Nazis"
  • Google's Commitment to Improvement: Despite the temporary halt on Gemini's people generation feature, Google remains committed to refining the tool to minimize inaccuracies and offensive outputs. The situation highlights the complexities and challenges of developing AI technologies that accurately understand and respond to nuanced human prompts


πŸ’‘ Quick Tutorial

Bring your image to life with Gen-2 model of Runwayml πŸ•Ί


  1. Go to Runwayml: Runwayml is an AI tool that will help you generate videos using the text, images or both
  2. Signup for Free account: To access and utilize the models on Runwayml, registration is required. Upon signing up, users are awarded credits which can be applied towards generating videos
  3. Start Creation: Click 'Start Generation,' upload your image, and optionally add a prompt for video creation

Here is the initial image with a small prompt ⬇️

Final Output⬇️

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πŸ’« GPT of the week

Uncover your next gaming obsession with Game Guru GPT 🎯

    1. Game Guru GPT is a hub for gamers to enhance their libraries and exchange pro tips, especially for Valorant, elevating their gameplay with expert insights
    2. It keeps gamers updated on trending titles, offering recommendations for quick sessions and the latest gaming hits, ensuring players always have fresh experiences
    3. For MacBook Air users, the GPT suggests engaging games optimized for their device, broadening access to quality gaming for all hardware capabilities

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