Cognition introduces Devin, the purported first AI software engineer. It codes, learns, collaborates, and streamlines software development, yet technical details remain undisclosed.
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Devin AI, an AI software engineer, can handle coding projects end-to-end🀯

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  • πŸ€– Discover Top Trending AI Tools of the week
  • 🌐 Explore the Peak of No Code AI Tools
  • πŸ”₯ Microsoft Copilot users can now access GPT-4 Turbo for FREE
  • πŸš€ Pika labs adds generative AI sound effects to its video maker
  • 🌌 Midjourney unveils Character Reference feature for AI image creation
  • πŸ“ƒNow Simplifies research papers with ELI5 Research Paper GPT

πŸ€– Top 5 trending AI tools of the week

✨Swipify: AI-driven performance insights, perfect for marketers and creatives seeking impactful advertising strategies

πŸ”₯Varolio: Unify sales communications, automate tasks, and harness AI insights with enterprise-grade security

πŸ’«Capitol: This tool leverages cutting-edge AI to offer personalized suggestions, generate innovative ideas, and refine your creations to perfection

πŸ’₯Narrativ: Revolutionize digital monetization with AI-driven content-brand matching and performance-based pricing

πŸš€Tray: Streamline workflows with AI-driven integrations and scalable automation

πŸ’‘ Three cutting edge AI Tools for No Code

AI-driven no-code tools are revolutionizing how we create digital solutions, making it possible for anyone to automate tasks, analyze data, and generate content without coding expertise. This democratization of technology allows for rapid innovation and problem-solving, breaking down barriers for creators and businesses alike

1. Jitterbit

Jitterbit streamlines data integration with a suite of tools that simplify connecting disparate systems and automating workflows. Its Harmony iPaaS offers a low-code platform for easy workflow automation. It stands out for its time efficiency, flexibility, ease of use, and scalability, making it a powerful ally in managing and integrating data across platforms

πŸ’» Check out Jitterbit now ➑️ Jitterbit

2. Browse AI

Browse.AI offers a no-code solution for data extraction and monitoring across any website. Users can easily train a robot in just two minutes to extract data into spreadsheets, monitor changes, and get notifications.

πŸ’» Check out Browse AI now ➑️ Browse AI

3. BuildAI offers a platform where users can quickly create AI-powered web apps tailored to their business needs without any technical skills. The service enables the development of apps for customer experience enhancement, lead generation, and internal tools improvement using simple natural language instructions.

πŸ’»Check out BuildAI now ➑️ BuildAI

😎 Cool AI Image of the week

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πŸ“° Trendiest AI news of the week

1.  Devin AI, an AI software engineer, can handle coding projects end-to-end

  • Advanced AI Capabilities: Devin, by Cognition, surpasses existing AI coding assistants with its unique ability to write, debug, and correct code autonomously
  • Impressive Support and Impact: Backed by significant funding and industry heavyweights, Devin promises a transformative shift towards AI-driven software development
  • Future Applications: Beyond coding, Devin's success suggests potential for AI workers across various sectors, showcasing the versatility of its underlying technology


2. Pika adds generative AI sound effects to its video maker

  • Innovative Sound Effects: Pika introduces a feature for automatic sound effect generation in AI videos on its platform, enhancing the multimedia experience directly within the app
  • All-in-One Platform: With the addition of sound effects and lip-syncing capabilities, Pika establishes itself as a comprehensive AI video creation tool, offering sound, voiceovers, and visuals in one place
  • Dual Sound Generation Methods: Users can generate sound effects contextually as the video is created or add specific AI-generated sounds post-creation, providing flexibility and customization for enhanced audiovisual content


3. Midjourney unveils Character Reference feature for AI image creation

  • Character Consistency Across Images: Midjourney introduces "Character Reference" for the MJ6 and Niji 6 models, enabling users to maintain character consistency without focusing on stylistic elements
  • Exclusive Testing Access: Currently in testing, this feature is available exclusively on specific models and requires a subscription for access, with testing facilitated through Discord
  • Control Over Character Details: Users can adjust character consistency with the "cw" (Character Weight) command, although minor details like dimples or logos may not be replicated precisely


4. Microsoft Copilot users can now access GPT-4 Turbo for free

  • Expanded Access to GPT-4 Turbo: Microsoft has made GPT-4 Turbo available to all Copilot users, enhancing the capabilities of the free tier with the option for Pro users to switch back to GPT-4
  • Enhanced Features and Cost Efficiency: GPT-4 Turbo offers advanced multimodal functions, larger context windows, and is more cost-effective than its predecessor, making it an attractive upgrade for Microsoft
  • Copilot Pro Advantages: At $20/month, Copilot Pro provides priority access to GPT-4 and GPT-4 Turbo, faster response times, image generation, and integrates AI features into Microsoft 365 applications


πŸ’« GPT of the week

Now Simplifies research papers with ELI5 Research Paper GPT

  • Accessibility: The service aims to make complex research papers understandable for everyone, regardless of their academic background
  • Simplification: It offers summarization of research studies into more digestible forms, making the key findings accessible
  • Educational: The tool is designed to explain complex research in simple terms, catering to a broad audience including those seeking explanations as if they were a young child

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