ChatGPT-maker OpenAI seems to have introduced a new feature, rather surreptitiously this time.
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OpenAI Revolutionizes ChatGPT Conversations with GPT Mentions😎

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  • 🔥 Meta releases powerful ‘Code Llama 70B
  • 🚀 Google launches an AI-powered image generator
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🤖 Top 5 trending AI tools of the week

🎷Smart Scribe: It is an automatic AI audio transcription tool that is powerful and designed for precision and user-friendly editing

🔥Tidio: It is a cutting-edge customer service AI tool that seamlessly integrates AI-powered chatbots with live chat functionality

💫Awesome Suite: This AI tool provides a range of robust tools and features designed for social media management and various business requirements

💥Word Genie: AI-Powered Search for Tailored Information Retrieval

🤭ReviewScout AI: It is a Chrome extension that uses ChatGPT and Keepa analysis to provide valuable insights to Amazon sellers and shoppers

📽️ Three cutting edge AI Tools for Video Editing

Experience a paradigm shift in video editing with the transformative influence of AI tools. From automating routine tasks to enabling content-aware editing, these tools not only enhance efficiency but also spark unparalleled creativity. Embrace the future of editing by seamlessly integrating the power of artificial intelligence into your workflow.

1. Deepshot AI

Deepshot is an innovative tool that allows users to utilize AI technology for reshooting videos and generating dialogue. It offers a wide range of customizable features and powerful editing tools to create professional-looking videos effortlessly.

💻 Check out Deepshot AI now ➡️ Deepshot AI

2. Makeshorts

MakeShorts transforms the repurposing of videos, enabling users to effortlessly create short videos from their YouTube content with just one click.

💻 Check out Makeshorts now ➡️ Makeshorts

3. Deepmake

DeepMake utilizes open-source AI to provide a range of services that transform and optimize the content creation process. This AI tool designed for content creation, specifically focusing on Video Effects (VFX). 

💻Check out Deepmake now ➡️ Deepmake

😎 Cool AI Image of the week

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📰 Trendiest AI news of the week

1.  OpenAI Revolutionizes ChatGPT Conversations with GPT Mentions

  • GPT Mentions Feature in ChatGPT: OpenAI has introduced the GPT Mentions feature to ChatGPT, enabling users to integrate custom GPTs or bots into conversations by simply tagging them, similar to the functionality in platforms like Slack. This feature was quietly rolled out, following the introduction of Custom GPTs and the GPT Store at OpenAI's developer conference
  • Boost to Custom GPTs and Interaction: The GPT Mentions feature reduces friction in using custom GPTs and is expected to increase their day-to-day value. Users can now tag other custom GPTs in their prompts using '@,' facilitating interactions between different AI models. While currently in beta, the feature will likely be available to ChatGPT Plus subscribers, expanding the capabilities of ChatGPT beyond simple chat functions
  • Expansion of ChatGPT's Capabilities: This new feature extends ChatGPT's capabilities beyond traditional chat interactions. It opens possibilities for workflow automation and handling complex everyday tasks with the assistance of AI. The article also hints at the future integration of this feature in GPT-4, allowing custom GPTs and plugins to work together in the same prompt, positioning ChatGPT ahead of other chatbots like Google Bard and Anthropic Claude 2


2. Meta releases powerful ‘Code Llama 70B’, an open-source coding tool to rival GitHub Copilot

  • Meta's Code Llama: Advanced Generative AI Model: Meta has released Code Llama, its most advanced large language model, for researchers and developers. This generative AI model boasts an impressive 70 billion parameters and is designed for writing and editing code, a crucial application of AI models. The model, initially announced in August 2023, is part of the Llama family and is now available for download, offering three versions for free: CodeLlama – 70B (foundational code model), CodeLlama – 70B – Python (specialized for Python), and Code Llama – 70B – Instruct 70B (fine-tuned with human instruction and self-instruction code synthesis)
  • Performance and Open-Source Nature: Code Llama is built on top of the Llama model and is capable of generating code in C++, Java, PHP, and Python. It has achieved a score of 67.8 on HumanEval, a generative AI benchmark, showcasing its competence in code generation. Despite being outperformed by the larger GPT-4 Turbo, Code Llama is tuned specifically for code generation and is open source, allowing researchers and developers to access and use it freely
  • Expanded Training and Context Window: The model has been trained using an extensive dataset comprising 500 billion tokens of code and related data. Meta has expanded the context window, enabling inputs with up to 100,000 tokens or approximately 75,000 words. This enhancement aims to improve the model's understanding and generation of complex code structures. Code Llama is accessible through platforms like Hugging Face or PyTorch, and Meta plans to incorporate some of these advancements into future models, including Llama 3


3. Google launches an AI-powered image generator

  • Google's ImageFX: AI-Powered Image Creation Tool: Google is launching ImageFX, an AI-powered image creation tool based on Imagen 2, a GenAI image model developed by Google’s DeepMind team. Similar to other tools like OpenAI’s DALL-E 3 and Meta’s Imagine with Meta AI, ImageFX offers a prompt-based user interface for image creation and editing. What sets it apart is the introduction of "expressive chips," keyword suggestions that allow users to experiment with different dimensions of their creations and ideas
  • Safety Measures and Controls: Google has implemented technical safeguards in ImageFX to prevent unintended use for creating problematic content, including violence, offensive, or sexually explicit material. The tool includes a prompt-level filter for "named people," likely public figures, and uses SynthID, a digital watermark, to identify images generated with Google’s AI tools. The watermark is detectable for identification but imperceptible to the human eye, providing transparency about the origin of images
  • Expansion of Imagen 2 Across Google Products: Google is expanding Imagen 2, the underlying model for ImageFX, across various products and services. Imagen 2 is now integrated into Google's next-gen AI search experience and Vertex AI, the family of managed AI services. It powers text-to-image capabilities in Google Ads and Duet AI in Workspace. Imagen 2 is also invoked through Bard, Google’s AI-driven chatbot, allowing users to generate high-quality images by providing simple or complex prompts. The expansion aims to enhance image generation across Google's platforms and services


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💫 GPT of the week

Elevate your personal growth with Growth Mentor GPT

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